Dos & Don’ts: Commercial Security Camera Installation in Markham

Dos & Don’ts: Commercial Security Camera Installation in Markham

Are you considering installing commercial security cameras to safeguard your Markham business? Are you interested in monitoring your property remotely and potentially preventing criminal activity before it occurs?

Security cameras are a critical line of defence for homes, businesses, and properties against theft, vandalism, and other security threats. However, improper installation can undermine their effectiveness, potentially causing more issues than they solve.

Before investing in and engaging a professional security camera installation in Markham to set up a video surveillance system at your location, it’s crucial to understand the key do’s and don’ts of commercial security camera installation. Here are some of them:


Determine the right location for the security cameras

Prioritize Camera Quality and Features

While ensuring your cameras are of high quality is crucial, scrutinizing the features of your CCTV system is equally important. Not all features may be necessary for your specific needs, but one critical aspect to consider is night vision capability. Since many break-ins occur under the cover of darkness, your cameras must be equipped to capture clear footage at night.

Install Cameras at Optimal Heights

The primary purpose of installing cameras is to deter criminal activity by making it clear that the area is under surveillance. To protect your cameras from tampering or damage, mount them at a height that is out of easy reach. This secures them against potential vandalism and broadens their field of view, ensuring a wider coverage area.

Safeguard Your Cameras

External cameras are exposed to various elements, such as adverse weather conditions and physical obstructions. Strategic positioning of your cameras is crucial to prevent any damage caused by rain or debris that the wind may blow. Ensure cameras are securely attached to mounts to prevent shaking and blurry images. Protecting the camera cables is also vital as they are responsible for data transmission and power supply.

Opt for Infrared Cameras for Enhanced Night Vision

Visibility in complete darkness is challenging, but specific cameras are designed to operate effectively in such conditions. These night vision cameras enhance available light or use infrared LED and thermal imaging to capture footage. When choosing a camera, select one that employs a technology suited to your requirements, ensuring clear images even in total darkness.

Conduct Thorough System Checks

It’s essential to verify that every component of your surveillance system functions correctly during and after installation. Conduct multiple tests to ensure no detail is overlooked. Implementing tamper-proof measures, such as remote data transmission and storage, adds an extra layer of security, especially when monitoring is conducted remotely.

Comply with Local and Provincial Surveillance Laws

Engaging a professional security company for your installation ensures adherence to all local and provincial regulations regarding video surveillance. Laws vary significantly regarding the placement of security cameras, and a professional installer will be knowledgeable about the specific requirements in Markham. This helps avoid potential fines and ensures your surveillance system is effective and legally compliant.

When planning to enhance your property’s security with a new system, thorough research on reputable security companies in Markham is essential. Opting for a professional installer guarantees a seamless installation process, safeguarding your investment around the clock.


Entrust the installation to professionals

Neglect Exterior Surveillance

While it’s common to focus on securing the interior of your premises, overlooking outdoor surveillance is a mistake. Outdoor cameras can capture attempts at unauthorized entry, even if the intruder fails. Ensure that cameras monitor all entrances and exits to track everyone who comes and goes.

Conduct DIY Installation

Attempting to install CCTV systems on your own to save costs can lead to suboptimal setup and coverage. Professional installation is crucial, not only for ensuring the system’s effectiveness but also for leveraging expert advice on optimal camera placement. Most security camera providers offer installation services, ensuring your system is set up correctly from the start.

Leave Entry and Exit Points Unmonitored

Failing to monitor entry and exit points defeats the purpose of having a CCTV system. For comprehensive security, it’s essential to have cameras at all access points. If managing multiple entrances and exits is challenging, consider restricting access to fewer, well-monitored points to ensure complete coverage.

Choose Low-Resolution Cameras for Large Areas

Using low-resolution cameras to monitor large spaces significantly compromises your ability to identify details clearly in the footage. Before selecting a camera, understand the space it needs to cover. If unsure, seek professional advice to ensure your cameras—and possibly their lenses—suit the intended area.

Opt for the Cheapest Equipment

The CCTV market adheres to the principle of getting what you pay for. While the desire for cost-effective solutions is natural, finding a balance is essential. Neither the most expensive nor the cheapest options guarantee the best value. Aim for reasonably priced equipment that meets your security needs without compromising quality.

Ignore Weather Conditions

When installing outdoor cameras, it’s imperative to consider the impact of weather. Elements like rain, snow, and wind can not only affect the quality of your recordings but also pose risks to the camera’s integrity. Choose weather-resistant models and strategic placements to protect your investment and ensure uninterrupted surveillance.

By avoiding these common pitfalls, you can ensure your commercial security camera system in Markham is effective and reliable, providing the protection your business needs.

Investing in a commercial security camera system is a significant step towards safeguarding your Markham business. By adhering to the outlined dos and don’ts, you ensure that your surveillance setup meets your current security needs and is poised for future scalability and challenges. Remember, the effectiveness of your security system hinges not just on the technology you choose but also on the expertise and reliability of the installation process. Ensuring your system is professionally installed, strategically placed, and compliant with local laws will provide peace of mind and a secure environment for your business operations.

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