Commercial Security Surveillance Cameras

35 Years of Commercial Security Surveillance Camera Experience

Camera technology has improved exponentially over the years.
Better image sensors bring in more light in darker conditions.
Resolution has increased bringing better crisper images with more detail.
Larger storage capacity allowing for longer video retention.


Phantom Security can design and install a Security Camera System to meet your needs and match your budget.

Commercial Security Surveillance Cameras & Recording options include:

  • Video recording solutions (Local, remote and cloud solutions)
  • Longer storage solutions
  • High resolution Security Camera (2 Megapixel to 4K)
  • Wireless solutions – Point to Point and Multi Point
  • Better Low light and night image capture and improved Infrared
  • License plate recognition
  • Cross line, intrusion, motion and loitering applications
  • Remote access software and Smart Phone applications

CCTV and Camera Surveillance plays a big role in mitigating theft, vandalism, liability and at fault scenarios with  commercial, industrial, retail, healthcare and government applications. Security Cameras are not only used to prevent theft but also keep an eye on a production lines, employee behaviour and follow safety protocols.

With analytical features like missing object, foreign object, video loss, cross line detection, loitering, license plate recognition or people counting, it maintains a high degree of security. PSG recognizes the need for CCTV-security cameras and will maintain quality equipment, quality installation and quality service.