Access Control

From one door to hundreds of doors, end users of Access Control want systems that allow for tracking and tracing entry of staff using the latest software and hardware.

Access control has been called “Fob Access, Key Card, Door Entry, Tag access”.

Any number of terms can be used to describe secure access to any facility, door or entry point that requires control of access using a card or tag to allow pass through for the right individual at any given time of day.

Access control clients want easy to use programs that reduce the time that it takes to manage and tools that make maintaining the access control system less time consuming.

End users of Access Control want feature rich systems and hardware:

  • Remote or Local Hosted or Managed Software platforms
  • Video and Alarm Integration
  • Email notification
  • Web Access
  • Smart Device Access
  • Multiple credential formats (tag, card, keypad, mobile)
  • Photo badging

Whether you want to control doors, gates, garage doors or any other entry or exit format, access control can be a key ingredient to your overall security.