Phantom Security Group Inc. is a locally owned alarm and security company. We take a personal interest in the safety of your community. We have been in business for over 25 years serving the GTA and surrounding areas. We are honest and will tell you how it is and what system will best suite your needs. We will customize our services and provide the best and safest system to protect your family and/or business. All of our employees are provided with the training and tools to ensure that you have an excellent experience from day one.

 We know that a strong team makes strong life-long relationships, we have a professional yet friendly atmosphere that allows our employees to feel comfortable to approach our owners. Our owners are working side by side with all team-members whether it be on site during install, completing service calls or assisting with office administration.

Our Mission

At Phantom Security Group Inc. it is our mission to provide exceptional quality service to all of our clients, venders and employees. We understand that each client scenario is unique and therefore we customize our service based on each client’s specific needs.

Why Choose Phantom Security Group

At Phantom Security Group Inc. we can help you determine what solutions match your specific scenario. We will recommend the right combination that can help to reduce your loss and increase your bottom line. Our focus is to help you protect your assets and keep protecting them long-term.

We are ULC certified and also a member of CANASA, all our employees have WHMIS training. Our owners and service technicians are certified in Fall Protection, and Ariel Lifts.


  • PSG is ULC certified and is also a member of CANASA
  • Fall Protection
  • Liability insurance
  • Ariel Lifts