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Qualities of an Effective Security System

Security and surveillance are very important topics in today’s world. Whether you own a business or have a family to protect, a good security system can really create that peace of mind that so many people are looking for. Throwing up an external camera that may or may not work to try and deter criminals is not really a ‘system’. An effective security system has several qualities that will ensure your family and property stay safe.


Meets Your Needs


Everyone’s reason for needing a security system is different, and as such a good one must meet your specific needs. That’s why it’s a good idea to look for a security company that is willing to custom design the different elements of your system to meet your needs. Someone who wants to protect their home in the suburbs because they work nights will have different needs than someone who wants to protect a grocery store or a warehouse that receives daily shipments of merchandise. You might do best with a closed-circuit television analog system or a digitized and networked IP surveillance system. The key is finding a company that provides the option.


Motion Detection


Regardless of how you have your system customized, motion detection is a valuable element to have. With an effective motion detector professionally installed, any would-be intruders won’t even have the chance to get inside to do any harm. If the motion detection also includes a glass break alarm, the level of protection is even higher. Of course, make sure you ask your security company about the different ways and different places the motion detection system can be installed. Ideal sensor locations may vary depending on the situation.


All Day Monitoring


Since trouble seems to come along at the most inopportune times, 24-hr monitoring is a very important quality of a good security system. Knowing that your home or business is being professionally monitored at all hours of the day adds to the peace of mind you’ll feel from having a system installed in the first place.


Free Consultation


Although not technically part of the security system, getting a thorough and free consultation from your security company is a very important quality. Nobody wants to pay just to find out what a company thinks they will need. When a security company is respectful of your budget and tries hard to work within it, you will feel confident that they are really looking out for your best interests.


Customized Security Solutions

When it comes to managing security, all industries present their own unique set of circumstances and challenges. Whether you're a Property management company, a contractor working on a new build, or an IT professional dealing with the convergence of physical security, we have a solution.


  • Free On-Site Review
  • Custom System Design
  • Professional Installation
  • 24/7 Local Monitoring
  • Medic Alert Monitoring
  • PSG has the ability to take over most security systems, alarms, CCTV & IP Camera systems

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